GWM Investor Day 2023: GWM’s Path to Long-term Global Success


On October 25th, a group of global partners from 300 key dealers in 32 countries participated in the GWM Investor Day 2023 held in Baoding, China.

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  • 300 international partners from 32 countries visited GWM Headquarters exchanging the global development and further development of GWM.
  • GWM commits to further global expansion and cooperations.
  • Further development in the new energy market is key for GWMs future products.

Baoding, China - On October 25th, a group of global partners from 300 key dealers in 32 countries participated in the GWM Investor Day 2023 held in Baoding, Hebei province, China.

The summit underlined GWM’s commitment of global openness and collaboration. Parker Shi, VP of GWM and Head of GWM International, addressed in his opening speech: “Under the guidance of long-term development and global development in all fields, GWM continues to promote global industrial layout. From R&D and production to sales and services, GWM is realizing co-creation and sharing with global partners”. He also pledged to “forge a new era of globalization through collaborative efforts.”

Julien Wang, Chief Technology Officer of GWM, introduced GWM's global R&D strength and the company's intelligent development layout to the present partners; Chief Production Officer of GWM, Shujie Meng, shared the advantages and highlights of the company's global layout to partners from the perspective of production and supply. For GWM, the future development in the new energy market is key. Therefore, the company is investing in the expansion of its European Research and Development Center and the global launch of smart electric vehicles.

GWM’s sales of new energy vehicles continue to surge, with the first three quarters of this year witnessing a remarkable 75.77% year-on-year increase, reaching 170,346 units. This impressive growth reflects the company's comprehensive foray into the new energy vehicle segment and the market's enthusiastic endorsement of its products. At the summit, GWM outlined diverse market strategies such as brand-specific localization, sustainable product development and fostering user-enterprise cooperation. GWM is committed to expanding in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. This strategic expansion highlights the company's expertise in the new energy sector and establishes a strong foundation for its sustainable growth in the global market.

Through GWM aftersales service, the company is confident in providing reliable and high-quality services to consumers around the world and ensuring consumers' full car life cycle. Collaboration with local dealers and using long-term strategies, will drive international corporate growth via a global ecological framework. The goal is to offer tailored products and services for unique market requirements, ensuring sustained competitiveness with support of our partners.

Digital transformation in the production and sales process is another central field of development for GWM. The target is to release industrial co-creation through data interconnection. The global digital smartness strategy of GWM, supported by international resources, enhances operational efficiency.

GWM remains dedicated to advancing Chinese intelligent manufacturing globally, upholding innovation, and deepening its globalization strategy. As Feng Mu, CEO of GWM, concluded: “The company commits to addressing diverse market needs and fostering strong global connections. The focus of GWM on a new energy vision, intelligent strategy, and a comprehensive digital framework ensures its pioneering position in the clean energy sector. Together with superior user experience, GWM creates significant value for partners and customers.”

Positioned as pioneer in the electrification era, GWM actively aligns itself with international trends and showcases its competitive edge. The company recognizes that the future of the automotive industry is deeply linked with the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection. Consequently, GWM is resolute in its journey towards new energy, not only to meet future environmental requirements but also to address consumers' pressing demands for eco-friendly and efficient energy solutions.

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